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Using automation to promote affiliate offers on social media

An important factor in running a successful affiliate program is providing tactics for your affiliates to promote your affiliate offers through.

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Introducing the new Rewardful Stripe App

Stripe is revolutionizing the way they work with 3rd party platforms by launching Stripe Apps, and Rewardful is coming along for the ride.

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Rewardful Launches Paddle Integration

We’ve got some exciting news for all SAAS companies using Paddle for payments. Rewardful is very proud to announce that Paddle users can now use Rewardful to set up affiliate programs.

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Rewardful joins forces with SaaS Group!

We’re excited to announce that Rewardful is joining the family! This is great news for our customers — has deep expertise in both SaaS and affiliate marketing, and will provide the resources needed to take Rewardful to the next level.

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The Only Referral Marketing Primer You’ll Ever Need

In this referral marketing primer we’re going to show you exactly the types of programs that create winning marketing programs, and in turn successful businesses.

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The 11 Best Referral Marketing Ideas to Acquire More Customers

Follow these straight forward and cost effective referral marketing ideas to supercharge your customer growth while at the same time keeping your marketing budget in check.

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9 Examples of Effective Ecommerce Referral Marketing Programs

eCommerce Referral Programs are a great way to increase highly qualified traffic to your online store and scale your business. Rewarding both the referrer and the referee gives both parties a WIN and dramatically increases brand loyalty to your shop.

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Why Every Growth-Focused SaaS Needs a Referral Marketing Program

You don’t need a dozen marketing systems working in sync to drive growth. You just need one distribution channel that works well.

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