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The Best Affiliate Programs For AI Tools

Rewardful Team

Everyone's talking about AI tools right now. Why not turn those conversations into profit? 

If you have an audience that resonates with AI tools, it’s time to start talking about the coolest solutions out there and earn an affiliate commission for every referral that comes through you. 

AI tools that offer affiliate programs

Here, we’ll take a look at 6 AI tools with affiliate programs you can join today. 

This list includes details about the affiliate program and what commissions they pay. (Please keep in mind that some of their offers do not include their published VIP programs with higher commissions. They only offer these to selected partners and affiliates.)


With, writer’s block is a thing of the past. It helps you create engaging content quickly in a few simple steps.

2. lets you ‘take’ photos without the need for a camera. It generates amazing AI pictures of people, based on the images you provide. 

3. Rytr 

Rytr is the writing assistant everyone needs to improve their sales pages, product descriptions, and much, much more. 

4. Synthesia

You provide the script, and Synthesia will turn it into a video with human-like avatars speaking to your audience. 

5. Speak

Speak is a no-code transcription and language intelligence platform. It helps you analyze language data that you can upload in bulk – whether it’s audio, voice, or text.  

6. Bitskout

Bitskout helps non tech-savvy people set up automated extraction of data from documents and emails into their tools in just a few clicks. It allows users to save time on manual data entry and can double the speed of their processes, avoiding hiring extra people to deal with manual requests.

Get even more out of AI with affiliate programs

As you can see, you can get a lot more out of AI than just quickly generated content and other AI-powered support. There’s an AI tool for every industry and every niche, so find one that you and your audience loves. Start spreading the love, and start reaping results instantly. 

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