March 14th
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How to Use AI Tools for Affiliate Program Management

Hetty Korsten

Affiliate marketing is a growing market. One study predicts that affiliate marketing will be worth $15.7 billion in 2024, almost a 50% growth compared to 2022. And in 2030, the market value is anticipated to reach $36.9 billion.

Besides global economic boost, AI also plays a role in generating this substantial growth. In this blog, we’ll take a look at how AI affiliate management works and some recommended AI tools for affiliate marketing. 

Why AI for Affiliate Program Management? 

As the need for marketing automation increases, the possibilities with AI tools for affiliate marketing open up. Your affiliate marketing strategies need to be redefined in order to keep up with recent trends. 

There are endless possibilities for using AI for affiliate marketing. AI can assist you in everything from partner recruitment with personalized content to partner management and competitor research. It can also automate repetitive tasks and improve the quality of your work. 

Let's look at a few of these interesting AI tools to better your affiliate strategy research, speed up affiliate recruitment and make campaign testing more efficient.

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AI for Affiliate Program Competitor Research

The power of competitor research with AI cannot be underestimated. AI can save us a tremendous amount of time by automatically tracking your competitors' digital footprints. This enables you to have more updated information about the competitors than doing it manually. 

AI agents can help you track online ads, social media and SEO efforts of your competitors. This includes any marketing efforts regarding recruitment and engagement with affiliates. 

Furthermore, AI tools for affiliate marketing can help analyze the gaps of your competitor's products and their affiliate marketing strategies.

Online discussions about competitors’ products, pricing, and partnerships can be turned to sales battle cards and comparison articles. You can leverage these insights to  define why your products are more efficient, and why affiliates should promote you and not the competitors.

Here are some AI tools for affiliate marketing for competitor research:

Kompyte is an AI tool that automatically pulls competitor data in one overview dashboard. This includes social media data, content, reviews and more. 

Crayon works in a similar way to Komyte.It tracks competitor data and automatically collects any ongoing changes your competitors make on the digital landscape, all from the comfort of the dashboard. It also offers the ability to create battle cards and streamlines internal team collaboration. 

Owletter focuses on analyzing email marketing. It collects emails from competitors and organizes them in an easy to understand overview. Besides the email content, it also tracks the time, frequency and other email related metrics to help optimize your email campaigns. 

iSpionage helps us understand paid ads of the competitors, including paid advertisements for affiliate recruitment. It finds the keywords a brand is targeting on Google Ads. You can also see who else is advertising on certain topics and their estimated budget. 

AI for Affiliate Outreach and Communication

Cold outreach is an important part of recruiting new affiliates. Not only do we try to highlight the perks of becoming a partner, but also introduce our products and services. 

Creating compelling affiliate emails using an AI email writer, such as below, can speed up the process. helps with prospecting on LinkedIn. It creates personalized messages with the information it finds, increasing the response rate for affiliate outreach and follow-up emails. is another AI tool that helps to create, send and track emails. Just like Warmer, it crafts personalized messages based on information from the recipient and helps improve response and click through rate. 

Besides these two solutions, there are other email AI email writing tools worth checking out, such as and Rytr. Most offer a free trial so you can test out the functionality and pick the one that fits you best. 

Another AI outreach tool worth mentioning is AroundDeal. It focuses on generating targeted leads, or in our use case: affiliate prospects. 

AroundDeal makes Linkedin prospecting a lot easier with a Chrome extension that can be integrated with Linkedin Sales Navigator. It provides email addresses and phone numbers, which can be used for targeted outreach. 

AI for Paid Affiliate Recruitment Campaigns

PPC advertising will be more and more influenced by AI and machine learning in the near future. Many PPC tools will start including automation and optimization functionalities. Also, the rise of voice search will play a role in how AI tools are used for PPC.

You can use AI to improve your PPC performance for affiliate marketing. If you use paid ads to find and recruit new relevant affiliates, these tools can give you suggestions on keywords, ad copy and much more. AI tools for PPC can benefit your targeting and your efficiency. 

Ad Copy

Sometimes you would like to test a large variety of ad copy, but run out of ideas. AI can help you generate a bunch of variations and with different language styles for the ad copy. 

To give you a head start, follow this  guide from Search Engine Land on how to use ChatGPT for PPC strategy and prompts. 

As for some AI tools to help with the creative content, AdCreative is a good option. AdCreative helps create ads for different social media platforms, including visual and text ads. 

Another tool, KeyTrends helps to create content based on your target audience. It saves you time by creating useful templates, and has an integrated functionality to use Google Trends to detect specific topic trends in your industry. 

Ad Management

Ad management tools combine AI for data and information processing with insights to create, optimize and manage ads. Although some ad management tools can be a bit too extensive for affiliate campaigns, combining these tools is an efficient way to save on your resources as well as improve your overall PPC campaigns and affiliate recruitment advertising performance.  

A tool like Revealbot can help you manage your Facebook and Google Ads automatically. A similar function is led by AdScale, that manages your Google and Microsoft Ads. is a premium platform that optimizes and automates paid advertising campaigns with the use of AI and machine learning.

Keyword Research

The right affiliate related keywords can be tricky to find. You might want to focus on general affiliates in the “how to make money online” category or in niche specific areas such as “data analyst affiliate program”. Either way, AI can help you come up with ideas for new long tail keywords, and expand your campaigns with new tests to find the right affiliates for your program. 

Increase Performance With AI Tools for Affiliate Marketing

AI is utilized for more and more areas of client management and advertising, resulting in more opportunities for using AI tools for affiliate management. 

To remain ahead of the competitors, start using AI as part of your affiliate marketing strategies. Not only does this allow you to save resources (time, effort, and money), but also get creative ideas in ad copies, refine affiliate recruitment strategies and do thorough competitor analysis.

For more learnings about the latest trends in affiliate marketing check out our curated blogs here.  

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