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Using automation to promote affiliate offers on social media

Rewardful Team

An important factor in running a successful affiliate program is providing tactics for your affiliates to promote your affiliate offers through.

One of the biggest reasons why affiliates fail to sell your products is that it takes too much effort, and that is why we love tools for automating and scheduling your content creation.

A tool we've been using lately is which allows you to schedule your social media posts in advance. The reason this is valuable is that you can batch create your content well ahead of time, and then it gets posted at the time you chose beforehand.

The trick then is to place your affiliate links into the social posts. If you create enough content ahead of time, you can then also recycle those posts over time.

For us the two most useful features are that they allow you to schedule LinkedIn posts, and they allow you to schedule Twitter threads.

The more your affiliates can systemize their promotion processes the better. They'll be more likely to find success, and not give up on promoting your program.

Here are some of the best referral marketing ideas to help you get more customers. 

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