Earn recurring commissions for the customers you refer to Rewardful

Join the Rewardful affiliate program and receive a 25% commission on all payments within the first 12 months for paying customers you refer to rewardful.com.

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Getting started with the Rewardful affiliate program

1. Apply
Fill in this form to join our Friends of Rewardful affiliate program - it only takes a minute!

2. Share your affiliate link
Once you join, you’ll receive a personal referral link to invite others to try Rewardful. Share it with your audience, colleagues, and friends.

3. Earn recurring commissions on earning
Once your referrals pay for their account, you will receive a 25% recurring commission on every transaction for the initial 12 months they continue to be a Rewardful customer.

Discover additional information about the rules that apply in Rewardful Affiliate Program Terms.

Grow your business with the Rewardful affiliate program

Monetize your impact by generating recurring revenue

Discover how much you can earn

Refer 10 customers = $247.50 per month
Refer 25 customers = $618.75 per month
Refer 100 customers = $2,475 per month
* Based on the Monthly Growth Plan
“As a Rewardful affiliate, my payout history has increased by 5X in the past year. With this growth rate, I could potentially reach $1,000+ of monthly passive income by this year end 😅”
Damon Chen

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Monetize your impact by generating recurring revenue