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New feature
Jun 11, 2021
Privacy-friendly affiliate links

By default Rewardful auto-generates "vanity" links based on the affiliate's name. For example, an affiliate named "James Bond" would be assigned the affiliate link ""

This is generally the best approach for most merchant and affiliates, but in some cases you may not want to expose the affiliate's name.

To accommodate this we've rolled out a new campaign setting that allows you to generate private affiliate links. When this setting is enabled, your affiliates will be assigned a random, anonymous affiliate link, i.e. ""

You can change this setting from the Edit Campaign screen in your Rewardful dashboard:

This feature is available on our Growth and Enterprise plans. Check our pricing for the full benefits of the Growth and Enterprise plans!

New feature
Jun 1, 2021
Pay affiliates with Wise Batch Payments

It's now possible to pay your affiliates using Wise (formerly TransferWise) Batch Payments!

Wise is the industry leader for global bank account transfers, and is a great alternative for merchants who can't or don't want to use PayPal Mass Pay. Wise allows affiliates to accept commission payments directly into a bank account of their choosing. And if they accept directly into their own Wise balance, payments are instant and free!

Check out our Help Center for full details on how to use Wise Batch Payments!

Apr 15, 2021
Disable affiliate accounts

If you've ever wanted to disable an affiliate's account without having to completely delete their account — now you can! Disabling affiliates is a good option for blocking people who have violated your affiliate program's Terms of Service without having to delete historical sale/commission data.

Check out this article in our Help Center for full details: How to disable affiliate accounts

New feature
Mar 30, 2021
Direct Page Tracking

Automatically attribute a visitor to an affiliate without an affiliate link.

It's now possible to force the current visitor to be attributed to an affiliate even if the visitor didn't arrive through an affiliate link. This is useful for creating landing pages with friendly URLs for a partner promotion, or for creating URLs that are easier to share verbally (i.e. on podcasts).

For example, instead of you could create a page at and all visitors to this page would be attributed to that affiliate.

More details on how to set up Direct Page Tracking can be found here:

Mar 29, 2021
Introducing our Changelog

With the launch of our new marketing site, we're excited to start a public changelog to keep you up to date with our latest product updates. Feel free to check this page any time or subscribe below and we'll keep you posted on the latest changes.

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