What’s included and how does it work?

Rewardful has everything you need to set up, run and scale your affiliate program.

Step 1: Integrate Rewardful

Start by connecting your Stripe or Paddle account and then install Rewardful. Whether it’s a custom built app or a 3rd party platform, get set up in minutes with our easy to follow instructions. We put in the extra effort, so you don’t have to.
Live customer support
Our friendly support team is standing by to help with any questions you have along the way.
Simple migration
Already have a program? We'll help you get your affiliates imported into Rewardful.
2-way Stripe sync
View Rewardful data directly from your Stripe dashboard. The deepest integration with Stripe you'll find.
1-click integration with many platforms
Get set up in seconds with our No Code / No Developer platform integrations.
Instructions for most programming languages
Specific instructions and code examples from rails, django, react, vue, angular, node, python, php, laravel spark and more to make installation a breeze.
Client or server-side integration options
Our new client-side integration is the easiest in the industry.
Subscriptions or one-time charges
Rewardful works with both subscriptions and one-time charges.
Cross subdomain tracking
Most SaaS apps are on subdomains. We'll automatically track across your domain.com to app.domain.com with no extra work on your end.
Cross root domain tracking
Automatically track across different root domains.
Not a developer? Share instructions with your developer without requiring a login

Step 2: Setup your Campaigns

Campaigns are a way to group your affiliates. You can have one or any number of affiliates in a campaign. Your commission rules live at the campaign level to make your program scalable. By default, commissions are recurring for the lifetime of the referred customers, but you can limit it by any number of payments or months.
Flexible, SEO friendly links
Link to any page on your domain with a simple, clean URL parameter (? via=justin). No ugly re-directs or 3rd party subdomains.
Percentage-based commissions
Align your incentives with the quality of customers affiliates send you by rewarding them with a percentage of the revenue they generate. Commissions are calculated on the actual amount charged to the customer (after any tax and/or discounts)
Fixed-amount commissions
Set a fixed amount commission in any currency. We'll generate this commission when a successful payment goes through from a referred customer.
Recurring commissions
Reward affiliates for sending you customers that stick around by providing recurring commissions.
One-time commissions
Set a one-time commission if you prefer to front-load your incentives for affiliates.
Limit commissions by number of payments or months
By default, commissions are recurring for the lifetime of the referred customer. However, you can limit it by any number of payments or months.
Automated refund handling
Rewardful automatically adjusts commissions for full or partial refunds – so you don't have to.
Customer lifecycle automated adjustments
Automatically adjusts commissions for upgrades, downgrades, cancellations and free trials.
Customizable cookie
Set your own cookie length to corresponds with your typical sales cycle – or stick with our default.
Set a holding period
Have a refund policy? Ensure commissions aren't paid out before the refund period is over.
Only generate commissions for paying customers
Generate commissions only on successful payments. We'll automatically detect failed payments (which are common for subscriptions) and prevent commissions until the payment goes through.
Direct page tracking
Attribute a visitor to an affiliate even if they didn't come through an affiliate link. This is useful for creating landing pages with friendly URLs for a partner promotion, or for creating URLs that are easier to share verbally (i.e. on podcasts).
Multiple campaigns
Create additional campaigns to group affiliates or set different commission amounts, commission structures, or cookie lengths.
Double-sided incentives
Add a Stripe coupon to a campaign in Rewardful and we'll automatically apply it when someone comes through a valid referral link.
Private, invite-only campaigns
Lock down your campaign to create an exclusive – invite only – program.
Custom rewards
Reward your advocates with anything you'd like – not just cash or credits.
Multiple currency handling
Support for receiving payments in multiple currencies. Generate and assign commissions in the same currency the referred customer payed in.
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Step 3: Set up your affiliate dashboard

Customize your affiliate dashboard to match your brand. The affiliate portal can be on a subdomain, on your own domain (Growth plan) or live inside your app (referral programs).
SSL encryption
Ensure your data is secure, encrypted and meets modern compliance requirements.
We'll even automatically issue free SSL certificates for your custom domain.
Add text, links, code
Add important information, promos or additional campaign details to the affiliate dashboard.
Control what they see
Advanced control over how referral data is displayed in your affiliates' dashboard – for partners that need it.
Add your TOS
Add your own Terms of Service  affiliates must agree to when joining your program with our WYSIWYG editor – or link to your existing TOS.
Customize landing page text
Add additional information to the affiliate signup portal to get new affiliates excited and ensure they're well informed.
Custom scripts
Add custom HTML and scripts to your affiliate dashboard.
Custom domain
Use your own domain or subdomain (affiliates.yourdomain.com, partners.yourdomain.com, friends.yourdomain.com – or whatever you'd like!)
Add your branding
Customize your affiliate dashboard with your logo, favicon and colors to match your brand.
Remove Rewardful branding from your affiliate dashboards and emails.
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Step 4: Recruit & invite affiliates

Invite your fans, influencers, existing customers, strategic partners and affiliates to join your referral program. They'll receive their own personal dashboard where they can generate referral links and track their success.
Bulk invite by email
Invite all your affiliates at once using our bulk invite feature. You'll be able to see the status of each invite and resend if needed.
Rewardful hosted signup page
Send affiliates to a Rewardful hosted signup page (which can be whitelabled on Growth). A great option for both inbound and outbound affiliate recruitment.
Manually add affiliates
Manually add affiliates directly from your Rewardful dashboard.
Enroll programmatically via our API (referral programs)
Build a referral program directly into your app for a native experience. Auto-enroll customers when they signup to your app or at any moment you choose.
Single sign on (SSO)
Want to programmatically enroll your customers but don't want to build your own UI? No problem – use our Single Sign On (SSO) to enable your customers to log into Rewardful's portal without a username or password.
Affiliate Finder
Tap into the only Affiliate Search Engine that crawls the web rather than simply pulling from a marketplace database.
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Step 5: Onboard, nurture and support affiliates

Assist your affiliates through onboarding into your program, and keep tabs on who is performing best, and who might need some more prompting. Easily pay your affiliates with either Wise or PayPal mass payouts.
Email marketing integrations
Connect Rewardful to other apps you're already using, like Drip, ConvertKit, MailerLite, Customer.io, MailChimp and ActiveCampaign.
Send webhooks to your app or a 3rd party service (ie. Zapier) when certain events occur in your Rewardful account.
Impersonate affiliate dashboard
View any affiliate's dashboard with a single click so you can see what they see.
Commission override
You have complete control over commissions. Deactivate future commissions or delete existing ones, if needed.
Manual commissions
Manually associate a referred customer even if they didn't come through an affiliate link.
Pre-dated commissions
By the time you manually associate a referred customer their initial invoice may have already been processed. Manually generate commissions on previous invoices if you wish.
Disable, deactivate or delete affiliates
Disable affiliates to ban them but retain their historical data. Deactivate them to prevent future commission on a referral or delete them and all their data completely.
Affiliate search & sort
Quickly find your best affiliates by sorting and ranking them by the most important metrics. Once you scale your program, you shouldn't have to sift through all your affiliates to find someone specific. Quickly find them with our affiliate search.
Commission alerts
We'll remind you by email and in your dashboard when commissions are due and it's time to pay affiliates.
New commission emails
We'll email you and your affiliate when they've earned a commission to keep them motivated and engaged.
Customizable affiliate tokens
Change the affiliate token to something more suitable like a company name.
PayPal Mass Payouts
Send payments to all your affiliates via PayPal in only a few minutes.
Wise Mass Payouts
Pay all your affiliates using Wise at once in only a few minutes.
Affiliate link A/B testing
Affiliates can generate additional custom links with any parameter they want to test the conversion rate & performance of different channels. Performance affiliates love this since they're no longer blind after someone clicks their link.
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