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Platform Features

Rewardful simplifies affiliate management with an easy setup, integrations, and tracking. We offer a hands-off solution that replaces manual monitoring and helps you scale your affiliate marketing efforts effortlessly. 

Top Rewardful Features

Use coupons to track referrals from influencers and on platforms where link-based attribution isn't an option.

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Two-Way Stripe Sync

View and automate affiliate data directly from your Stripe dashboard.

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One-Click Integration

We integrate with your favorite platforms and plugins. No code needed.

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Live Customer Support

Our support team is ready to make affiliate marketing with Rewardful effortless.

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PayPal and Wise Mass Payouts

Send payments to your affiliates via PayPal or Wise in a few clicks.

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Automated Refund Handling

Automatically adjust commissions for refunds and customer lifecycle changes.

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Self-Referral Fraud Detection

We automatically identify and deactivate suspected self-referrals.

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Customizable Cookie & Commissions

Set your own cookie length to correspond with your typical sales cycle and set fixed amount, percentage-based, one-time, or recurring commissions.

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Last Touch Attribution

Credit the affiliate whose referral was the final touchpoint before conversion or sale.

Affiliate Segmentation

To organize your affiliates, run campaigns, and group them as needed. Our commission rules are set at the campaign level, allowing merchants to offer different commission structures and rates for different types of affiliates. Commissions can either be a percentage of the sale or a fixed fee. You can also customize commissions to end after a specific number of payments or months.

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Affiliate Portal

Personalize your affiliate portal to align with your brand. Invite your fans, influencers, existing customers, strategic partners, and affiliates to join your affiliate program. They'll receive their own personal dashboard where they can generate referral links and track their success.

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Affiliate Management and Support

Guide your affiliates through your program with effective onboarding. Our integrations with email service providers make it easy to share information with your affiliates. Keep tabs on top-performers and those who need some more prompting.

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Effortless Payout Management

Simplify affiliate payouts through our system. Rewardful affiliate software helps you to easily track and settle owed commissions without the hassle of manual calculations. Pay your affiliates in just a few clicks using PayPal or Wise’s mass payout feature.

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Advanced API features

Advanced API Capabilities

Designed to cater to more tech-savvy users and those interested in launching customer referral programs, our API offers an in-depth exploration of possibilities. Whether you're an enterprise or not, this API lets you white-label the affiliate experience, automate program management tasks, and diversify payouts on commissions to credits.

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Easy to Set Up

Start by connecting your Stripe or Paddle account and then install Rewardful. Get set up in minutes with our easy-to-follow instructions. We put in the extra effort, so you don’t have to.

Rewardful integrates with your favorite platforms and plugins. Elevate your affiliate program growth with no-code connections.

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