March 14th
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Get FREE and EARLY access to your affiliate management course for SaaS, made up of 12 compelling and educational videos. Learn at your own pace how to build and grow a successful affiliate marketing program.
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If your goal is to:
  • Boost your brand awareness
  • Grow your reach without breaking the bank
  • Increase your revenue
  • Foster customer loyalty and high retention
Then, this affiliate marketing course is for you!

What You'll Learn (For Free) In This Course

Everything you need to know to build, expand, and manage a thriving affiliate program for your SaaS business. You’ll gain confidence in each step throughout these 12 chapters:
The Basics
How To Make it Simple for Affiliates to Earn Money
How To Run Your Program Like a Professional
How to Build an Affiliate Recruitment System
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The Secrets of Affiliate Management Revealed

Whether you're a solopreneur taking your first steps in the affiliate marketing world or an experienced program owner yet to witness substantial returns, this course is tailored to your needs.
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Solopreneurs and Growth Hackers
Affiliate Program Managers
All Marketers Seeking Affiliate Success

Meet Emmet, Your Instructor

Meet Your Affiliate Course Instructor

Emmet Gibney has a proven track record of building successful SaaS solutions that drive business growth. He has coached hundreds of people in developing affiliate programs in the SaaS industry and possesses a deep understanding of what works and what doesn't in affiliate marketing. Emmet is the CEO of Rewardful, an all-in-one affiliate management software for SaaS.

Course coming soon! (January 2024)

Get ready to deep dive into affiliate marketing with 2 hours of free, high-quality content. The affiliate management course is your opportunity to learn actionable strategies, put them into practice, and see your affiliate program skyrocket!