Why Affiliate Coupon Codes?

Reaching your audience means going where the action is. Traditional link-based tracking remains a robust foundation for affiliate programs.

Still, as more consumers turn to videos, podcasts, and social media for their buying decisions, the ability to track affiliate discounts via shareable coupon codes is becoming essential.

Emotional Impact

Affiliate discount coupons create a sense of urgency and exclusivity, driving higher engagement and conversions.

Greater Reach

Perfect for influencers and platforms where link-based tracking isn't feasible.

Who Can Benefit From the Affiliate Coupon Code Feature?

The coupon code feature is for merchants who want to maximize sales on marketing channels where traditional link-based tracking isn't possible.
Influencer marketing on platforms like TikTok
Promotions on podcasts
Video content on YouTube
Any medium where sharing links is less practical
"Influencer marketing is one of our bigger channels at Boot.dev, and because we use Stripe, Rewardful has been a fantastic plug-n-play experience. We don't use many SaaS tools, seeing as we're a team of (almost) all developers, but Rewardful has spared us a lot of time in creating internal dashboards and admin widgets and has been worth the investment."

Skyrocket Your Affiliate Marketing Efforts With Coupon Code Referral Tracking

Step 1

Set Up Your Campaign with Ease

Group affiliates by type, duration, and commission settings.

Define discount settings directly in the campaign settings.

Step 2

Create and Share the Coupon Code

Once you create affiliate coupons in the campaign settings, promotion codes will automatically be generated for all affiliates in this campaign.
Affiliates can use system-generated codes or create their custom codes.
Start sharing instantly with no additional effort.

Step 3

Track Affiliate Coupons and Attribute Effortlessly

Attribution happens right at checkout, no need for web visits or cookies.

Launch your affiliate marketing program in less than 15 minutes

Top Rewardful Features

Use coupons to track referrals from influencers and on platforms where link-based attribution isn't an option.

Self-referral fraud detection icon

Two-Way Stripe Sync

View and automate affiliate data directly from your Stripe dashboard.

Integration icon

One-Click Integration

We integrate with your favorite platforms and plugins. No code needed.

Customer support icon

Live Customer Support

Our support team is ready to make affiliate marketing with Rewardful effortless.

Mass payouts icon

PayPal and Wise Mass Payouts

Send payments to your affiliates via PayPal or Wise in a few clicks.

Automated refund icon

Automated Refund Handling

Automatically adjust commissions for refunds and customer lifecycle changes.

Self-referral fraud detection icon

Self-Referral Fraud Detection

We automatically identify and deactivate suspected self-referrals.

Customizable commissions icon

Customizable Cookie & Commissions

Set your own cookie length to correspond with your typical sales cycle and set fixed amount, percentage-based, one-time, or recurring commissions.

Attribution icon

Last Touch Attribution

Credit the affiliate whose referral was the final touchpoint before conversion or sale.

2,000+ Stripe Customers Use Rewardful to Grow Their Business

β€œIt's affiliate software for Stripe, and it's everything I've ever wanted: simple setup, deep integration with Stripe, and well-designed.”
Justin Jackson
β€œEvery other affiliate platform we look at was either insanely expensive or full of bugs – and sometimes both. Rewardful has been rock solid, and took less than 15 minutes to install. It's the perfect affiliate solution for SaaS companies using Stripe.”
Spencer Fry
Founder & CEO

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