Affiliate Management Software for Communities: How Coupon Codes Drive Short & Sweat's Rapid Growth

Short & Sweat is a community-based app that provides a holistic wellness experience. Their offerings include engaging fitness plans, delicious recipes, and expert advice, helping users improve their health routines.

Isabelle Bonin, a former lawyer based in Quebec, Canada, is the founder of Short & Sweat. Isabelle's transition into fitness entrepreneurship originated from her personal journey of blending workouts with her professional life. What began as sharing her home workout routines with friends on Facebook evolved into the Short & Sweat app.

As the number of users joining the Facebook group continued to increase, Isabelle soon realized that the platform wasn’t suitable for building a strong community and fostering sustainable engagement. This limitation led her to create her own app with the help of Disciple, a community management platform. 

With live streams, discussion forums, and content sharing all in one app, Disciple empowers Short & Sweat users to take their fitness journeys to the next level. This fosters a supportive, close-knit community where members can motivate each other and stay accountable, propelling them toward their health goals.

After successfully setting up the community, Isabelle launched an affiliate program to leverage the power of word-of-mouth. And that's when Short & Sweat began its rapid expansion. 

The Problems: Complex Referral System and Lack of Visibility

From the beginning, Short & Sweat's growth strategy has always been centered on its affiliate program. However, as they scaled up, they found their existing affiliate marketing software to be limiting. 

One of the main challenges faced by affiliates promoting Short & Sweat's products was the reliance on links 

For example, affiliates can’t insert affiliate links directly on their Instagram posts. To get around this, they have two options: share the link in their bio (which can cause confusion and disruption to the user experience) or add it to their story (but the link will expire after 24 hours.) Sharing links on TikTok also faces similar issues.

This flawed link-based approach didn't match the preferences of their target audience , leading to low conversion rates and missed revenue opportunities — both for Short & Sweat and its affiliates. Additionally, lengthy URLs and complicated checkout processes caused friction, discouraging potential customers from completing the purchase.

"When we started to think about the affiliate program, we used another platform that was using only links. And it was not very easy to use because people on Instagram and TikTok, they're really used to coupon codes. It's easier. You can put it on the video. You can put it anywhere."
Isabelle Bonin

Isabelle recognized that Short & Sweat's community-driven growth strategy needed a significant change in affiliate marketing to unlock its full potential. To achieve this, they needed to adopt a more intuitive and user-friendly platform that utilizes promo codes to simplify the affiliate marketing process. And that’s when Rewardful came into play. 

The Solution: Increasing Affiliate Conversions with Rewardful Coupon Code Feature

Isabelle sought a transformative tool that could boost their growth. She found Rewardful, a platform integrated with Stripe and Disciple, enabling affiliates to use a sophisticated coupon code feature that revolutionized the program.

The decision to ditch the inefficient link system for a robust coupon code has proven fruitful. Now, Short & Sweat’s affiliates can promote the products seamlessly across any channel, including Instagram and TikTok. The results? Higher conversion rates and boosted revenue for Short & Sweat.

The Results: Over $1,000 in Monthly Revenue from Affiliates

Before Rewardful, Short & Sweat only worked with 20 affiliates and struggled to attract more due to a poor conversion funnel. However, after just two months of Rewardful implementation, they successfully recruited more affiliates, resulting in 60 happy affiliates on board. And with more affiliates joining, Short & Sweat saw a significant increase in its conversion rates and revenue.

"When we decided to switch to Rewardful, we were able to jump to 60 affiliates in just two months because it was easier to create the promo code for each affiliate."
Isabelle Bonin

Also, the integration of Rewardful's platform helped Short & Sweat reach its ambitious revenue goals, generating over $1,000 in monthly revenue from affiliates in a short time frame. The goal for next year is even more ambitious: to generate $10,000 in monthly revenue through the affiliate program.

Rewardful transformed Short & Sweat's affiliate program into a thriving affiliate ecosystem, strengthening the bond between the brand and its affiliate partners. Now they have sustainable business growth even in the competitive fitness tech landscape.

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