Level up Your Affiliate Marketing With Rewardful - Paddle Integration

Set up your affiliate and referral programs with Rewardful — the affiliate software that integrates with Paddle Classic.

Why Does Rewardful Integrate with Paddle?

Sharing the same goal as Paddle, Rewardful aims to simplify affiliate program management, including its commission tracking and payout processes. That's why we built our platform on top of Paddle's robust infrastructure. This integration extends Paddle's functionality to affiliate marketing payments, ensuring:
Compatibility with various payment methods and currencies
Seamless tracking of affiliate sales, providing real-time insights into revenue generation
Meeting the needs of businesses and affiliates across different industries and regions
Not using Paddle Classic? Check our Stripe integration.

Who Is the Rewardful-Paddle Integration For?

The Rewardful-Paddle integration is suitable for many businesses, including:
SaaS businesses and independent software vendors
App developers
Online course and digital product creators
Other businesses already using Paddle Classic

Quickstart Your Affiliate Program with Rewardful and Paddle Classic

Before you start: Please note that Paddle has launched a new billing and revenue management solution called Paddle Billing. This is separate from the older version, now called Paddle Classic. Rewardful only integrates with Paddle Classic, not Paddle Billing.

Step 1

Sign Up

Go to Rewardful and sign up. Once registered, you'll be guided through the setup process.

Step 2

Connect Your Paddle Classic Account

Click the "Connect with Paddle" button. Once that's done, find your Paddle public key in the Paddle admin dashboard and paste it into the text area on the Rewardful window.

To see how the Paddle’s public key looks like or more detailed integration instructions, check this document

Step 3

Launch Your First Affiliate Campaign

And voila! You can start maximizing your affiliate program's potential with Rewardful and Paddle Classic!

Launch your affiliate marketing program in less than 15 minutes

Top Rewardful Features

Use coupons to track referrals from influencers and on platforms where link-based attribution isn't an option.

Self-referral fraud detection icon

Two-Way Stripe Sync

View and automate affiliate data directly from your Stripe dashboard.

Integration icon

One-Click Integration

We integrate with your favorite platforms and plugins. No code needed.

Customer support icon

Live Customer Support

Our support team is ready to make affiliate marketing with Rewardful effortless.

Mass payouts icon

PayPal and Wise Mass Payouts

Send payments to your affiliates via PayPal or Wise in a few clicks.

Automated refund icon

Automated Refund Handling

Automatically adjust commissions for refunds and customer lifecycle changes.

Self-referral fraud detection icon

Self-Referral Fraud Detection

We automatically identify and deactivate suspected self-referrals.

Customizable commissions icon

Customizable Cookie & Commissions

Set your own cookie length to correspond with your typical sales cycle and set fixed amount, percentage-based, one-time, or recurring commissions.

Attribution icon

Last Touch Attribution

Credit the affiliate whose referral was the final touchpoint before conversion or sale.

2,000+ Customers Use Rewardful to Grow Their Business

“Rewardful is a joy to use! The simplicity of setup along with the clean and minimalistic UI are just fantastic. We have also been a wonderful and helpful integration parter with MemberSpace which really allowed us to expand our platform to more people. Can't recommend them enough!”
Ward Sandler
“My business growth has relied on referrals, but other affiliate software was a pain to setup so I avoided it for years. Rewardful is different. I only had to change two lines of code, and voila, I now have a working affiliate program. I highly recommend Rewardful if you're looking to setup a referral program in your app.”
Chris Oliver

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