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When and How to Migrate to Another Affiliate Software

Rewardful Team

You’re an affiliate manager, and you notice that your affiliate management software isn’t working anymore. You’ve been thinking of switching to new affiliate software because, you know, each unproductive day is a missed opportunity. That said, making that brave move is harder than just contemplating it. 

In this article, we're here to help you confidently take the first steps in migrating affiliate software. We'll lay out everything you can expect before, during, and after the transition process.

8 Signs Where Switching Affiliate Software Is Necessary

Changing your affiliate management software isn't a decision to take lightly, especially if it generates lots of revenue and has tons of data. You don't really want to put a pause on your well-running affiliate program.

But there are times when it becomes essential. Recognizing these alarming signs early can save you from future headaches and help keep your affiliate program on the path to success.

Here are some scenarios when you should consider migrating to different affiliate management software:

1. Scalability challenges

Your affiliate program is growing, but your current software can’t keep up. If you don’t make the switch, this situation can lead to slow performance or frequent downtimes.

2. Limited integration capabilities

Your affiliate software should connect seamlessly with essential tools, like payment and email platforms. If it isn't, you may experience inefficient workflows and isolated data. So, if you’re changing your most loved tool stack, check how this affects your affiliate software, too.

Pro tip
: If you use Rewardful, you may not need to worry about limited integration. We offer 30+ integration options, such as Stripe, Paddle, and ConvertKit.

3. Low-quality reporting and analytics

Insights drive decisions. If your current software doesn’t offer comprehensive reporting or real-time analytics, you’re flying blind. Does the data seem off? Then, it’s even more crucial to change the affiliate software ASAP.

4. Poor affiliate user experience

The users of affiliate management software aren’t just you but your affiliates, too. This means their experience is also important. If they find the portal clunky or hard to use, it can discourage engagement and affect their performance.

5. Compliance and security concerns

Staying updated with the latest compliance regulations and maintaining robust security measures is non-negotiable. If your current affiliate software falls short, it’s a risk you can’t afford.

6. High operational costs

Evaluate if the costs associated with your current affiliate management tool are justified, especially if your program has been growing. Hidden fees and increasing costs are a fair reason to switch if the price can’t be negotiated.

Pro tip: Did you know that Rewarding pricing starts at $49 per month? It is cost-friendly and transparent.

7. Slow or disappointing customer support

Effective customer support can make or break your experience. If issue resolution is slow or ineffective, it’s worth looking at alternatives. 

8. Lack of features

Your affiliate software should be able to grow with you. If you want to elevate your program but are missing some advanced features, don’t let the program's comfort hold you back. It’s time to upgrade.

The Impact of Using the Wrong Affiliate Management Software

My affiliate marketing program still generates consistent revenue, so there’s no urgent reason to change it—right?

Well, consistent revenue might feel comfortable, but it could be masking hidden problems. The wrong affiliate management software can silently cripple your program. Here's how:

  • Missed opportunities and reduced revenue
  • Workflow disruptions
  • Decreased affiliate engagement
  • Erosion of trust
  • Damaged brand reputation

Now, let’s turn this ship around.

How to Choose Affiliate Software That’s Right for You

You’ve decided to adopt new affiliate software. The next question is: which one?

Before you type in ‘the best affiliate management software’ on Google, it’s recommended that you analyze your needs and challenges. Make a list of things that you like about your current affiliate software and what it lacks. With that in mind, start comparing some affiliate management tools. 

If you need some inspiration, check out this article on the top ten features a reliable affiliate management software should have.  

Before the Affiliate Software Migration

A thorough preparation and managing expectations will make migrating to your new software of choice much easier. Here are two main things to keep in mind:

Take Care of Your Data

First things first: let’s ensure all your valuable data is safe. Perform a thorough data audit to check what’s there and what’s not, and then back everything up. This way, you can transition to a new system with peace of mind, knowing all your affiliate histories, payment records, and campaign details are secure.

Talk It through with Your Team and Affiliates

Switching systems isn’t just a technical shift; it’s a team effort. Start with a simple, clear conversation with your team. Explain why the change is happening, how it benefits them, and what to expect during the transition. 

For your affiliates, clear communication is key. Let them know about the upcoming changes, how it will improve their experience, and most importantly, assure them that it’s business as usual. Providing guides or training sessions can help smooth out any bumps along the way. 

This proactive approach keeps everyone in the loop and strengthens trust and support throughout your network.

During the Affiliate Software Migration

It’s moving day! We know they’re usually a pain, but it doesn’t have to be. Let’s start by breaking it down into bite-sized steps.

Start by setting clear milestones and deadlines to give yourself a clear mind. This might include setting up the new software, importing data, and going live. Having a checklist will keep you organized and ensure that nothing is overlooked.

Here’s an example of a checklist you could use to guide your journey:

1. Preparation phase

  • Evaluate current data: Assess the data stored in your current system. Identify what needs to be migrated and what might be obsolete.
  • Choose a migration date: Select a date that minimizes impact on your operations, preferably during a low activity period.

2. Setup phase

  • Install the new software: Get your new system up and running, either on your servers or by setting up an account with a cloud-based provider.
  • Customize settings: Adjust settings in the new system to mirror the operational preferences and requirements of your business.

3. Data migration

  • Export data: Securely export data from your old system. This may include affiliate profiles, transaction records, and payout histories.
  • Import data into the new system: Carefully import your data into the new affiliate software system, checking for compatibility and integrity.

4. Testing Phase

  • Functionality testing: Perform comprehensive tests to ensure all features and functionalities are working as expected.
  • Data integrity check: Verify that all imported data is accurate and intact. Look for any discrepancies or data loss.

5. Go-Live

  • Soft launch: Initiate a soft launch where you run both systems in parallel. This allows you to address any issues without affecting overall operations.
  • Full transition: Once you’re confident everything is running smoothly, fully switch to the new affiliate software.

6. Post-Migration

  • Monitor closely: Keep an eye on the system for any issues that may arise post-migration.
  • Gather feedback: Ask for input from your team and affiliates on how the new system is performing. Use this feedback to make necessary adjustments.

Post-Migration Affiliate Management Strategy

After you've migrated to your new affiliate management software, you still need to get everyone up to speed. 

Start by arranging training sessions (preferably before you make the full switch). It's a great chance for everyone to get comfortable and ask questions about anything that feels tricky. 

Alongside these sessions, put together some simple guides or instruction videos that people can refer to anytime they need a quick refresher on how things work. 

Moreover, consider setting up some extra support as a help desk where your team and affiliates can send their questions, ensuring they always have support when needed, especially in the early days post-migration.

Especially in the first few months, make it a habit to check in weekly on how things are going with the new system. Encourage everyone to share their feedback on the new affiliate tool—what they like and what could be improved. 

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