March 14th
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The 5 Best Affiliate Management Courses for 2024

Rewardful Team

So, you want to be an affiliate program manager? Or do you want to be a great affiliate program manager?

Whether it's a new career path you’re considering or you're part of a company that’s going to go big on affiliate marketing next year, it's crucial that you come prepared. And what better way to do that than by following an affiliate marketing course for program managers?

These courses differ from generic affiliate marketing courses because they focus on the execution: how to set up and run a program successfully. They’re for the marketers of brands who see the potential of partnering up with ambitious affiliates and who want to grow their business significantly.

We’ve compiled a list of five different affiliate courses for you to jump into. And we couldn’t be more excited to be on the list ourselves.

What to Look for in Affiliate Program Manager Courses

Here's the secret sauce to selecting the perfect course that will transform you from an eager learner to a master of the trade.

Top 5 Courses for Knowledge-Hungry Affiliate Program Managers

1. Rewardful's Complete Affiliate Marketing Course – Coming Soon in January 2024

Here at Rewardful, we are gearing up to launch a transformative course designed for anyone aiming to excel in affiliate marketing for SaaS. This free affiliate marketing course is a perfect blend of theory and practice, delivered in 12 comprehensive videos. It's tailored to empower you with the skills to build, scale, and manage a successful affiliate program.

What you’ll learn:

About your instructor, Emmet Gibney:

Emmet Gibney, CEO of Rewardful, brings his extensive experience in building SaaS solutions and affiliate programs to the forefront of this affiliate marketing training course. His hands-on approach ensures that learners gain not just knowledge but also actionable strategies.

Why the Rewardful course stands out:

Get early access to this free course:

Don't miss the opportunity to be among the first to access this course. Sign up now to secure your spot and be notified as soon as it's live. This is your chance to learn from the best and take your brand’s affiliate program to new heights. 

2. Affiliate Program Management 101 by Digital Marketing University

Digital Marketing University's course on Affiliate Program Management provides practical insights into the world of affiliate marketing. It's a compact and informative course, ideal for those looking to get a solid grip on managing an affiliate program.

What you'll learn:

About your instructor:

Led by Evan Weber, CEO of Experience Advertising Inc., his 20+ years in digital marketing brings a depth of practical knowledge to the course. His expertise offers students real-world strategies to grow their affiliate programs.

Costs and other information:

This course is available for free.

3. Performance Marketing Masterclass 

If you're grappling with the complexities of affiliate marketing and feel like you're just scraping the surface, Dustin Howes' course, Performance Marketing Masterclass, could be the key to your breakthrough. One of its promises is that if you implement their strategies, you can spike your program's growth by 10-20% in as little as three months.

What you’ll learn:

About your instructor:

Dustin Howes brings a wealth of experience, having grown programs by 60% year over year. His background in affiliate fraud prevention, compliance, recruiting, and program management makes him a well-rounded expert in the field.

Costs and other information: 

The course is discounted from $4,500 to $297, which gives you lifelong access to all course materials, including future updates. You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

4. Affiliate and Partnerships Industry – Fundamentals Certification Path by's Affiliate and Partnerships Industry “Fundamentals Certification Path” is part of their Partnerships Experience Academy. This specific course is a comprehensive and free training plan designed for newcomers to the affiliate and partnership marketing world. The course consists of 8 lessons spanning over 16 videos, wrapping up with a 30-minute certification exam. 

What you’ll learn:

About your instructors:

One of the unique features of their courses is the opportunity to learn from seasoned partnership leaders who share their vast experiences and lessons learned in the field. This adds real-world context and depth to the course content, making it more relatable and applicable.

Costs and other information:

The Affiliate and Partnerships Industry – Fundamentals Certification Path by is free. Some of their other courses are more product-specific, aimed at helping you work with the tool they offer.

5. Affiliate Management Performance Program (AMPP)

The Affiliate Management Performance Program (AMPP) is an intensive, live 12-week training course designed for affiliate managers at various stages in their careers. Set to start on 25th January 2024, the AMPP program aims to equip affiliate managers with the skills and knowledge to launch, scale, and effectively grow successful affiliate programs.

What you’ll learn:

About your instructor:

Lee-Ann, a seasoned professional with over two decades of experience in affiliate marketing, leads the AMPP. Her journey in the industry began before the dawn of Google, offering her a wealth of real-life experience that she brings to the course. Lee-Ann's background spans multiple verticals, giving her a unique perspective on affiliate marketing that she shares with participants.

Costs and other information:

The AMPP program is priced at ÂŁ650 per person, with payment plans available. You will also get personalized 1:1 sessions, where you can get tailored advice and guidance to address your unique challenges and goals.

Start the Year With the Most Recent Course on Affiliate Marketing Management

If you're eager to embark on this path, don't miss out on an opportunity to learn from the best. Secure your spot for our free course now! 


FAQs - Affiliate Management Courses 

1. What’s the Best Affiliate Management Program Course in 2024?

Rewardful offers one of the best affiliate management courses 2024, especially for those who want to run an affiliate marketing for their SaaS business.

This affiliate course comprises 12 video chapters with practical case studies and examples—perfect for all levels. Rewardful’s affiliate management course is entirely FREE.  

2. What Will I Learn in an Affiliate Management Course?

Most affiliate management courses provide you with comprehensive knowledge about affiliate marketing. Here are some topics you’ll learn:

3. How Do I Become an Affiliate Manager?

Ideally, to become an affiliate manager, you’ll need some technical, marketing, and people skills, as well as solid strategic thinking. The following points describe some of the skills an affiliate manager should have:

4. Why Should I Learn Affiliate Management?

Learning affiliate management isn’t only beneficial for business owners or digital marketers but also for individuals who want to earn some extra cash on the side.

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