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Introducing the new Rewardful Stripe App

Rewardful Team

Stripe is revolutionizing the way they work with 3rd party platforms by launching Stripe Apps, and Rewardful is coming along for the ride.

What is the Stripe Apps marketplace?

The Stripe Apps marketplace is a new way for 3rd party platforms to create apps that connect with Stripe merchants in a single click allowing them to add all sorts of new and exciting features.

What does this mean for existing Rewardful customers?

For our existing customers you don’t need to change anything right now. Your integration via Stripe Connect will work the same way it has always worked. Your affiliates’ referrals will still be tracked the same way, and how you manage your campaigns from your Rewardful account remain unchanged. You can optionally install the Rewardful app from the Stripe App marketplace to view Rewardful data directly from your Stripe dashboard.

What does this mean for new Rewardful customers?

For new Rewardful customers you’ll now install the Rewardful app for Stripe. Campaign management still occurs via your Rewardful account, but now you’ll also be able to see Rewardful referral data directly from your Stripe account.

Where can I install the app?

The new Stripe Apps platform unlocks a lot of exciting possibilities with Rewardful. We encourage everyone to install Rewardful so you’ll automatically receive these feature updates as we release them.

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