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30 Important Affiliate Marketing Metrics to Focus On

Rewardful Team

Where would we be without data? Nowadays, nowhere. 

Measuring the right metrics in affiliate marketing sets great affiliate programs apart from the ‘meh’ programs. But with so many vanity metrics and controversial calculations, how do you determine what truly matters? Here is a list of affiliate marketing metrics often used by affiliate managers. 

How to Use These Metrics

Before we dive in, it’s important to note that many affiliate marketing stats are available in your dashboard. That alone can be overwhelming, so start by jotting down the numbers that take priority. 

  1. Identify your affiliate marketing KPIs and goals
  1. Analyze regularly
  1. Use smart tools
  1. Segment your data
  1. Benchmark against industry standards
  1. Educate your affiliates
  1. Evaluate cost-effectiveness
  1. Explore new strategies

The Metrics That Matter for Affiliate Marketing Managers

Now that you’ve got an idea of what to do with data, let’s look at the metrics that make targeted improvements possible.

1. Traffic Numbers From Affiliates

Traffic is the lifeline, but it’s not everything. The number of visitors directed to your site from affiliate links indicates the reach and effectiveness of your affiliate program. Do look further: if traffic is high, but other metrics aren’t, there might be an issue.

2. Conversion Rate

This measures the percentage of affiliate-referred visitors who take a desired action, such as making a purchase or signing up.

3. Sales Per Affiliate

This metric gauges the sales generated by each affiliate, showing the productivity of individual affiliates.

4. Percentage of Active Affiliates

The proportion of affiliates actively promoting your products versus the total number enrolled in your program.

5. Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

The predicted net profit attributed to the entire future relationship with a customer.

6. Average Order Value (AOV)

The average amount spent each time a customer places an order through an affiliate link.

7. Cost Per Affiliate Sale or Cost Per Lead (CPA/CPL)

The cost incurred for each sale or lead generated through affiliate channels.

8. Overall Engagement

The level of interaction and activity within your affiliate network.

9. Rate of Return or Rate of Cancellation

The frequency at which products are returned or services are canceled.

10. Revenue

Total income generated through your affiliate program.

11. Growth Year-on-Year

The rate at which your affiliate program expands compared to previous years.

12. Lifetime Value of Referred Customers (LTV)

Similar to CLV but specifically for customers acquired through affiliates.

13. Retention Rate

The percentage of affiliate-referred customers who continue to make purchases.

14. Churn Rate

The percentage of customers who stop making purchases.

15. Average Revenue Per User (ARPU)

The revenue generated per user over a specific period.

16. Profit Margin

The net income generated from affiliate sales after deducting all expenses.

17. Incremental Revenue from Affiliates

The additional revenue generated through the affiliate channel that wouldn’t have been realized otherwise.

18. Contribution Margin

The revenue remaining after variable costs associated with the affiliate program are deducted.

19. Number of New Affiliates Recruited

The new affiliates recruited within a specific timeframe, indicating the program's attractiveness and expansion.

20. Affiliate Satisfaction Rate

The level of satisfaction among your affiliates, gauged through surveys or feedback mechanisms.

21. Click-Through Rate (CTR)

The percentage of clicks affiliate links receive compared to the number of times they are viewed.

22. Cost Per Click (CPC)

The cost incurred for each click on an affiliate link.

23. Affiliate-to-Customer Conversion Rate

The percentage of affiliate-referred visitors who become customers.

24. Revenue Per Affiliate (RPA)

The average revenue generated by each affiliate.

25. Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

The cost incurred to acquire a customer through affiliate channels.

26. Re-engagement Rate

The rate at which inactive affiliates are re-engaged and start promoting your products/services again.

27. Recruitment Rate

The rate at which new affiliates are joining the program.

28. Affiliates' Earning Per Click (EPC)

The average earnings generated by affiliates for each click on their referral links.

29. Compliance Rate

The rate at which affiliates comply with the program's terms and conditions.

30. Rate of Affiliate Attrition

The rate at which affiliates leave the program.

Which Metrics Will You Focus On?

Every affiliate program will have different strategies and goals – and, therefore, focus on different metrics. Make sure that your software supports you regardless of your specific goals and offers valuable insights at every step of the journey. Check out Rewardful pricing and our easy-to-use dashboard for affiliate tracking and find the data you need in seconds.

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