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Best Affiliate Software Management for Stripe in 2024

June 12, 2024
Best Affiliate Software Management for Stripe in 2024

Running a business on Stripe infrastructure unlocks powerful features beyond seamless payments. It also empowers you to build a thriving affiliate marketing program with minimum hassle.

While Stripe handles the purchasing process through affiliate links or coupon codes, the affiliate management software records the sales. This setup allows you to monitor your affiliate performance, identify your affiliate channel's best-selling products, and calculate each affiliate’s commissions accurately, among other things.

In this SaaS affiliate software comparison blog, we’ll discuss the four best affiliate management software for Stripe, including their features and prices.

Must-Have Affiliate Software Features That Complement Stripe

Although adopting verified Stripe affiliate software partners offers a layer of security and potentially smooth integration, it’s not the only factor in selecting the best affiliate tracking and management software for your business.

Consider implementing an affiliate tool that provides the following four fundamental features.

Accurate tracking

Unfortunately, Stripe doesn’t offer a built-in tracking solution. This means that your affiliate software must provide an accurate, real-time link or coupon code tracking feature. This ensures that your affiliates get accurate payments for their hard work.

Automated payment

Accurate tracking alone isn’t enough to make your affiliate program work efficiently. You need to combine this with an automated payment solution. By doing so, you'll be free from manual commission transfers and ensure timely rewards for your affiliates, leading to greater satisfaction.

Customization options

Not all affiliates are equal, and not all affiliate programs are the same. That’s why the customization option is a vital factor when choosing the right affiliate software. Opt for an affiliate management system that allows you to set up different commission types, adjust the cookie length, and more.

Easy and seamless integration

Great affiliate management software prioritizes user-friendly integration with third-party platforms and smooth data transfer. During your free trial, you can test these aspects to guarantee you’ll truly enjoy using the affiliate management tool.

Pro tip: Learn other must-have features of reliable affiliate management software.

The 4 Best Affiliate Software for Stripe

Now that you know the benefits of adopting affiliate software for Stripe and the supporting features to maximize your affiliate program’s performance, let’s delve into the top 5 affiliate software options with Stripe integration.

1. Rewardful

As one of the best affiliate management software for SaaS, Rewardful offers a blazing-fast 15-minute setup process that includes seamless integration with your Stripe account.

No complex configurations are needed; just click "Connect with Stripe," and you're ready to go! Learn more about how easily Rewardful integrates with Stripe.

This integration translates into real results.

Take HeadshotPro, for example. It leveraged Rewardful and Stripe integration to generate a whopping $50,000+ monthly in affiliate program revenue.

👉 Read the HeadshotPro success story.

Top Features

Simple and robust Stripe integration isn’t the only thing Rewardful excels at.

Our intuitive solutions are built around SaaS and ecommerce businesses, providing you with best-of-class affiliate features.

  • Two-way Stripe sync: view and automate affiliate data directly from your Stripe dashboard.
  • Affiliate segmentation: set unique commission rules for specific campaigns for customized commission rates.
  • Customizable affiliate portal: set up a personal dashboard for each affiliate and match the look and feel of your affiliate portal with your brand style.
  • PayPal and Wise mass payout: easily track and settle owed commissions without the hassle of manual calculations.
  • Affiliate link generation and tracking: create unique URLs for each affiliate and monitor clicks, conversions, and sales generated through affiliate links.

Learn all the features of Rewardful affiliate management software.


Rewardful offers three affordable pricing plans. Unlike other affiliate software, we have no transaction fees (0%) or contract policy.

You can also get a two-month subscription free for annual billing.

  • Starter: $49 per month - for up to $7,500 per month from affiliates
  • Growth: $99 per month - for up to $15,000 per month from affiliates
  • Enterprise: $149+ per month - for up to $15,000 per month from affiliates

Try Rewardful for free for 14 days. See the feature breakdown of each plan on the Rewardful Pricing page.

Are you using Paddle? See the list of best affiliate software for Paddle.

2. PartnerStack

The next tool on our list of affiliate management software for Stripe is PartnerStack. This tool focuses on the SaaS B2B industry and goes beyond basic affiliate programs, offering solutions for referrals and reseller programs, too.

While these features sound powerful, they come with trade-offs. First, since PartnerStack covers various partnership types, its configuration tends to be complicated. Depending on how deeply you want to set up your programs, the process can be time-consuming, and the learning curve can be steep.

Second, PartnerStack’s pricing has two parts: a monthly or annual subscription fee and a commission fee of 3-15% (known as the “PartnerStack Fee.”) On top of that, their subscription fees are custom-based. This can make estimating the total cost upfront challenging, especially for businesses new to affiliate marketing.

Top Features

  • PartnerStack marketplace: promote your programs to the internal network of PartnerStack users.
  • Affiliate onboarding: offer onboarding materials and training to new affiliates, setting them up to promote your program.
  • Affiliate tracking: track the journey of your traffic, guaranteeing you reward the right affiliates who drive conversions.
  • Automated affiliate payment: use a single monthly invoice to automate partner pay.


PartnerStack doesn’t disclose its pricing plans.

So, you need to contact the team for custom pricing. Keep in mind that when calculating the total cost of using PartnerStack as your affiliate software, you’ll be charged an extra commission fee of 3-15% for every dollar you earn from your affiliates.

3. LeadDyno

The last affiliate tool on our best affiliate software for Stripe list is LeadDyno. Unlike most affiliate management tools, LeadDyno structures its pricing based on the number of active affiliates instead of affiliate revenue.

This unique pricing strategy can be expensive and complicated. To get the most return on investment (ROI) for your affiliate management software, you need to ensure two things: 1) the recruited affiliates remain active, and 2) each of them should perform well. Because if they don’t, they’re just wasting the available affiliate seats on your LeadDyno account.

Furthermore, the most affordable plan (at $49 per month) only provides one reward structure and one commission plan. These restrictions prevent you from giving different commission structures to affiliates, such as performance-based rates, fixed rates, or lifetime commissions.

Top Features

  • Affiliate recruitment: invite new customers to join your affiliate program by manually adding or auto-approving them.
  • Customizable tracking codes: create unique tracking codes that can double as coupons and tailor them with letters or numbers to provide a unique affiliate URL.
  • Robust performance tracking: monitor the number of visitors, leads, purchases, and other customer-specific data generated through your affiliates.
  • Affiliate leaderboard: motivate your affiliates with a dynamic leaderboard that showcases their performance and sparks friendly competition.


LeadDyno offers four different paid plans with a 30-day free trial option.

  • Lite: $39 per month - for up to 50 active affiliates
  • Essential: $129 per month - for up to 150 active affiliates
  • Advanced: $349 per month - for up to 500 active affiliates
  • Unlimited: $749 per month - for unlimited active affiliates

4. LinkMink

Another affiliate software for Stripe is LinkMink. Its solution is dedicated to SaaS companies and offers basic features of affiliate program management.

These include affiliate tracking, integrated payout, affiliate segmentation for assigning different commission structures, and a customizable affiliate dashboard.

However, there’s no granular explanation of what exactly the features can do. Plus, there is no information about the integration options LinkMink offers.

This lack of information prevents businesses and affiliate managers from fully understanding LinkMink's power in growing their affiliate programs.

Top Features

  • Automatic approval: approve affiliate commission in auto-pilot mode.
  • Affiliate segmentation: group affiliates based on their commission structure.
  • Reliable tracking: accurate attribution to specific sales actions (purchases, refunds, coupons).
  • Affiliate reporting: gain insights into your affiliate performance from the clean affiliate dashboard look.


LinkMink offers three paid plans without a 14-day free trial option.

  • Starter: $39 per month - for up to $1,000 per month from affiliates
  • Growth: $65 per month - for up to $8,000 per month from affiliates
  • Business: $125 per month - for up to $25,000 per month from affiliates

Comparison of the Best Affiliate Management Software for Stripe

Different affiliate software offers different pricing, features, and limitations.

To help you better understand how they compare, we stacked the four best affiliate software for Stripe in the table below.

Note: All prices are for a monthly subscription fee, paid monthly.

Our verdict: Rewardful gives the most bang for your buck. Here’s why:

  • PartnersStack: commission fees can significantly reduce your revenue and ROI.
  • LeadDyno: pricing based on affiliate numbers can limit your growth as you fill available seats.
  • LinkMink: for just $10 more ($39 vs. $49), Rewardful offers a much higher revenue cap of $7,500, giving you more room to grow before upgrading.

What’s the Best Affiliate Management Software for Stripe? It’s Rewardful

Building a successful affiliate marketing program starts with adopting the right software. If you’re looking for affiliate software that works seamlessly with Stripe, Rewardful is your answer.

After switching to Rewardful, the following Stripe-powered companies have earned hundreds of thousands of affiliate revenue. Read their stories to learn how they did that:

And when you’re ready to test Rewardful, sign up for a 14-day free trial.

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