Referral programs for Stripe

Rewardful has everything you need to set up and run your affiliate or referral marketing.

How do I become a Stripe affilate?

While Stripe doesn't have a referral program themselves, Rewardful makes it very easy for online businesses that use Stripe for payments to set up their own customer referral program for Stripe. Our software is very easy to install on your website, and to integrate with your Stripe account.

What is a referral program?

Referral programs allow you to reward your existing customers for referring new customers. This reward will take the form of credits, unlocking new features, or swag. This differs from an affiliate program where people are rewarded with a cash commission for each customer they refer.

What is a SAAS partner program?

Running a SAAS partner program allows you to tap into agencies, platforms and integration partners, incubators and many more B2B partnerships to grow your business.

What other kinds of programs can I create?

Rewardful allows you to create not only referral programs, but also affiliate programs and partner programs.

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