Leverage affiliate marketing to promote your paid communities
Incentivize word of mouth amongst your most active community members

Why start an affiliate program?

Affiliate marketing is an exceptionally effective marketing tool for online communities. It allows you to incentivize word of mouth amongst your most active community members. It also allows you to guarantee profitable customer acquisition by locking your customer acquisition cost to a percentage of the sale price

According to Demand Sage, affiliate marketing spending is estimated to reach $13 billion in the US by 2023, and our integration allows you to tap into this growing market easily.

LaunchPass now integrates with Rewardful

Thanks to this integration, LaunchPass users can now launch their own affiliate programs to promote their paid communities and create an additional revenue stream.

Is it difficult to set up?

With Rewardful, you can set up your affiliate program in minutes, track referrals, and reward your affiliates.

If you have any questions or issues with setting up the integration, be sure to read the LaunchPass integration help article or contact support via our in-app chat.

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