March 14th
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Rewardful vs. PartnerStack: Which Affiliate Software is Best for Your SaaS Business?

Rewardful Team

Choosing the right affiliate management software can make or break your program. While researching the best affiliate management software, you might come across Rewardful and PartnerStack and ask which fits your business needs best. This blog will help you answer it by comparing their features, pricing, and integration options.

Rewardful vs. PartnerStack Overview 

Rewardful is an all-in-one affiliate management solution primarily focusing on SaaS businesses. The quick setup makes it a go-to choice for businesses looking to launch their affiliate program without a steep learning curve or massive budget. 

Besides that, Rewardful also stands out for its straightforward integration with major payment platforms like Stripe and Paddle, simplifying the affiliate tracking and payment process. Plus, Rewardful’s pricing is transparent and affordable.

PartnerStack takes a broader approach by catering to both affiliate and reseller programs focusing on B2B businesses. This means the tool can have more versatile features, which could suit specific companies looking to expand their affiliate and reseller pools. 

Rewardful vs. PartnerStack Comparison Table

Rewardful vs. PartnerStack Key Features 

Let’s dive into the details and look at the practical features of each tool.

Rewardful Key Features

PartnerStack Key Features

Rewardful vs. PartnerStack Integrations

When it comes to integrations, Rewardful and PartnerStack offer a wide range of options to enhance their platform's functionality. Let’s look at the main differences.

Rewardful's Integrations

Rewardful offers over 30 integrations, facilitating seamless connections with various software solutions. Some key integrations include:

PartnerStack's Integrations

PartnerStack focuses on integrating with a diverse range of tools and platforms, particularly with CRM, marketing automation, and analytics. These integrations include:

  1. Salesforce (CRM)
  2. Stripe (payments)
  3. Hubspot (CRM/marketing)
  4. Slack (communication)
  5. Recurly and Chargebee (subscription management)
  6. Pipedrive (sales)
  7. Google Sheets (data management)

Rewardful vs. PartnerStack Pricing

When comparing the prices of Rewardful and PartnerStack, it becomes apparent that each platform chooses a different transparency and pricing model.

Rewardful’s Pricing

PartnerStack’s Pricing

Of course, price isn’t the only factor when choosing the best affiliate marketing tool for your business. While PartnerStack’s custom approach might suit larger or more established B2B companies better, Rewardful’s clear and tiered pricing model presents a more accessible and predictable option for a broader range of businesses. This is particularly true for companies that are more cost-conscious or in the early stages of building their affiliate program.

5 Reasons Rewardful Is One of the Best PartnerStack Alternatives

Both Rewardful and PartnerStack are renowned affiliate marketing tools. They share similar features that help grow affiliate marketing programs. However, the following five factors will demonstrate why Rewardful holds a distinct advantage over PartnerStack.

  1. Free trial and quick setup
  1. Transparent and affordable pricing
  1. Feature-rich platform with comprehensive data access
  1. Advanced campaign segmentation and reporting
  1. Exceptional customer support

You can see what our customers say about their favorite Rewardful features here.

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PartnerStack is an excellent affiliate management program. However, it comes with limitations, which Rewardful excels at.

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FAQs - Rewardful vs. PartnerStack Comparison

1. What’s the Difference Between Rewardful vs. PartnerStack?

Rewardful focuses primarily on affiliate marketing, offering a streamlined and user-friendly experience for SaaS businesses. PartnerStack, on the other hand, caters to affiliate and reseller programs, specializing in B2B with a broader range of advanced features.

2. How Does Rewardful’s Pricing Compare to PartnerStack?

Rewardful offers transparent and affordable pricing with plans starting from $49/month with no hidden fees. PartnerStack, on the other hand, follows a custom pricing model, which can exceed $15,000/year—making Rewardful a more cost-effective choice for many businesses.

3. What Sets Rewardful Apart as an Affiliate Management Software?

Rewardful stands out with its ease of use, straightforward setup, transparent pricing, and powerful features tailored to make affiliate management programs stress-free. See what Rewardful’s users say about their experience with us.

4. Can I Try Rewardful Before Committing to a Plan?

Absolutely! Rewardful offers a 14-day free trial. You can explore our features without any initial demos or calls. All you have to do is sign up here

5. What Is the Best Affiliate Management Software for a B2B-Focused Business?

Rewardful is one of the best affiliate management software for a B2B-focused business. We solve the daily affiliate marketing challenges with ease. For example, we offer automation in calculating and paying commissions, customizable commission rates and affiliate segmentation, and one-click integration to your favorite platforms. Learn more about Rewardful’s features here.

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