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Rewardful vs. Trackdesk: Comparison Guide

Rewardful Team

If you're deciding between Rewardful and Trackdesk for managing your affiliate program, we're here to help you decide. Let's find out which affiliate management software best meets your needs.

Rewardful vs. Trackdesk Overview 

While both Rewardful and Trackdesk help you set up and manage your affiliate marketing program, they cater to different types of businesses and offer different sets of features. Let's start with a quick overview of what each platform is all about and who it's for.

Rewardful is the go-to tool for managing affiliate programs for SaaS or ecommerce businesses. It integrates seamlessly with platforms like Stripe and Paddle, and is well-known for its super simple setup process. You get to personalize commission structures, see real-time stats, and manage everything related to your affiliate program from an intuitive dashboard.

Trackdesk affiliate management software packs a punch with its vast features catering to various businesses, supporting over 100 integrations including Shopify and PayPal. Trackdesk's affiliate management software provides tools for detailed campaign segmentation, multi-tier commissions, and a branded affiliate portal. It's a good choice for those needing deep customization and complex affiliate program needs.

Rewardful vs. Trackdesk Comparison Table — at a Glance

No time to lose? This table highlights the most important elements of each tool. 

Rewardful vs. Trackdesk Key Features  

Most affiliate management tools will have an overlapping set of features, but you need to make sure you pick a software solution that fits seamlessly into your digital ecosystem. 

That means taking a closer look at each tool's strengths and what you will use on a daily basis. Below is a list of the most important features for both Rewardful and Trackdesk to give you a clear idea of what it's like to work with each one.

Rewardful Key Features:

  • Campaign Segmentation:
    • Easily organize your affiliates and manage different campaigns.
    • Tailor commission structures for each campaign.
    • Set up private campaigns to maintain exclusivity and control.
  • Affiliate Management:
    • Fully customizable commission rates and cookie tracking.
    • Import affiliates in bulk for extra efficient onboarding.
    • Detect and prevent self-referral fraud to keep up your program's integrity.
    • Customize your affiliate portal to align with your brand, from the sign-up page to using your own domain.
    • Automatic refunds help maintain fairness and trust in your program.
  • Payout Management:
    • Simplify affiliate payments with quick, integrated solutions through PayPal and Wise.
    • Set up mass payouts with minimal effort to keep everyone happy.
  • Reporting:
    • Access real-time reporting to monitor campaign performance.
    • Export data in CSV format.

Trackdesk Key Features:

  • Affiliate Management:
    • Customizable affiliate commissions and cookie settings for tailored tracking.
    • Mass import of affiliate data.
    • Private offers to select affiliates.
    • Branded affiliate portal customizable with your own domain.
    • Self-referral fraud protection to ensure the integrity of your affiliate program.
    • Segmentation of affiliate partners for targeted management and promotions.
  • Commission Features:
    • Bulk payouts for multiple affiliate payments.
    • Recurring commissions.
    • Cancellation and refund protection.
    • Automated refunds handling.
  • Reporting:
    • Comprehensive reports export.
    • Real-time reporting.

Rewardful vs. Trackdesk Integrations: What Tools Can You Integrate With?

It's not just about the tool itself—it also matters if it plays well with other tools you're using—that is, its integration capabilities. 

When you're thinking about integrations, think about what tools you currently use or plan to use. Both Rewardful and Trackdesk offer robust options, but the best choice will depend on your specific needs and the software ecosystem within your business.

Let's break down what you can expect from Rewardful and Trackdesk when it comes to integrating with other popular tools:

  • Rewardful’s Integrations:
    • Plenty of variety: with over 30 integrations, Rewardful connects seamlessly with a range of popular tools to streamline your affiliate management.
    • Key platforms: Rewardful offers essential integrations like Stripe for payments, Paddle for software sales, and LaunchPass for membership management.
    • Marketing and CRM: manage your affiliate campaigns with connections to and ConvertKit for targeted email marketing, as well as Mailchimp for broader email campaign management.
    • Membership and community tools: integrate with Memberstack and Memberspace to manage community memberships directly tied to your affiliate strategies.
    • Automation via webhooks: Zapier integration allows you to automate workflows between Rewardful and thousands of other apps.
  • Trackdesk’s Integrations:
    • Wider reach: with over 100 integrations, Trackdesk offers a broad spectrum of connections, ideal for businesses with diverse technological ecosystems.
    • E-commerce: includes integrations with major e-commerce platforms like Shopify and Magento.
    • Payment processors: besides Stripe, Trackdesk also integrates with PayPal.
    • Extensive automation: like Rewardful, Trackdesk works with Zapier to connect with numerous other tools.

Rewardful vs Trackdesk Pricing

Of course price is one of the most important factors. Not just what you pay, but what you get for that money matters—and how plans develop when your affiliate program does, too. 

Here's how Rewardful and Trackdesk approach pricing.

Quick Overview:

  • Rewardful:
    • Starting price: $49/month.
    • Key details: the Rewardful pricing plans are straightforward and scalable, designed to grow with your business. All three tiers are transparently priced without hidden fees. There's a 14-day free trial available to help you test the full capabilities without commitment.
  • Trackdesk:
    • Starting price: $67/month.
    • Key details: Trackdesk offers plans based on your monthly affiliate revenue. The cheapest paid plan starts at $67 per month up to 20K in revenue, going up to $624 a month for programs turning over more than $150K in revenue per month. The higher up the sliding scale you go, the more features are added to your plan.

Rewardful vs. Trackdesk Pricing Comparison Table:

Why Rewardful is the Best Trackdesk Alternative

Here are five reasons why Rewardful shines as your go-to affiliate management software over Trackdesk:

  1. Quick setup and smooth integration: setting up Rewardful with your existing systems is straightforward and fast with our 5-step setup.
  2. Detailed, real-time reporting: with Rewardful, you gain access to up-to-the-minute reports that provide deep insights into your affiliate program’s performance.
  3. Customizable reward structures: tailor your affiliate rewards as you like. Flat fees, one-time payments, or ongoing commissions, you decide.
  4. Top-notch affiliate management: manage your affiliates easily using Rewardful’s flexible tools. Organize your campaigns with precision, and even set up private campaigns to keep things exclusive.
  5. Dedicated support: our support team isn’t just a helpdesk; they’re partners in your affiliate program’s success. We provide real, human support to help you through setup, management, and any bumps along the way.

Take Your Affiliate Program to the Next Level

Ready to make the switch and take your affiliate program to the next level? Explore all that Rewardful has to offer and start your free trial today.

FAQs About Rewardful and Trackdesk

How Do the Integrations of Rewardful and Trackdesk Stack Up?

Rewardful integrates smoothly with over 30 essential platforms like Stripe, Paddle, and Zapier, focusing on services most SaaS businesses actually use. Trackdesk offers more than 100 integrations, which could be useful if you have a more complicated digital setup.

Can I Customize Commission Structures in Both Platforms?

Yes, both Rewardful and Trackdesk let you tailor commission structures. Rewardful stands out for its user-friendly setup, making it easier to adjust to your campaign needs and affiliate strategies.

Which Platform Offers Better Customer Support?

Rewardful gives you round-the-clock support via live chat, email, and video, so you’re never left hanging. Trackdesk’s support quality depends on the plan you choose, which might restrict access for some users.

How Do the Reporting Capabilities Compare?

Both platforms provide strong reporting tools. Rewardful is particularly good at real-time updates and makes it easy to export data, which helps in making quick, informed decisions and thorough analyses.

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